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Why Real Estate is the Perfect Career for Mothers: Flexibility, Earnings, and More

For many mothers, re-entering the job market presents various challenges, such as keeping up with younger, tech-savvy job applicants who don't have family responsibilities. However, finding the right career that offers both flexibility and substantial earnings is possible. That's why real estate stands out as an excellent career option for moms. Let's explore why real estate can be the ideal platform for mothers looking to balance work and family.

Real Estate Career for Mothers

Benefits of Real Estate for Mothers: Flexibility at Its Best

One of the most attractive features of a career in real estate for mothers is the unparalleled flexibility it offers. Unlike traditional 9-5 jobs, real estate agents have the freedom to set their schedules, making it easier to juggle between professional commitments and family duties. With minimal time required in the office, much of the meaningful work can be done over the phone or on the go, providing ample room for personal and family tasks.

Typical Day in the Life of a Real Estate Agent

On any given day, you could find yourself spending just a few hours at the office to gather information and coordinate appointments. The rest of your time is spent actively showing properties, networking, and fielding calls—all of which can be planned around your family's needs.

Essential Skills for Mothers in Real Estate

At RE/MAX Central, we offer an exhaustive training program that covers every aspect of property transactions. This program is mandatory for all new entrants to the field. Additionally, the training encompasses soft skills like customer service and selling techniques, which can give you an edge in the industry. It's no surprise that women, often considered natural homemakers, excel in understanding customer needs, making them exceptional real estate agents.

What Do You Need to Start Your Real Estate Career?

If you're worried about initial requirements, the list is quite minimal:

  • Smartphone with a good camera and a data plan

  • Driver's license

  • Personal vehicle

  • Appropriate attire

  • Electronic measuring tool

  • Clean police record

Language proficiency in Maltese is essential, and knowing English provides an added advantage.

Real Estate Career for Mothers

Bringing Your Child to Work

Ever wondered what to do if you need to bring your child to work? At RE/MAX Central, we accommodate children in the office as long as they don't disrupt other agents and clients.

Earning Potential in Real Estate

Remuneration in real estate is performance-based, offering uncapped earning potential. Mothers affiliated with RE/MAX Central have annual earnings ranging from €25,000 to €70,000. Exceptional performers, dedicating around 7-8 hours a day, have consistently made over €100,000 annually.

Real Estate Career for Mothers

How to Get Started with your Real Estate Career for Mothers

Interested in knowing more? Let's meet to discuss the ins and outs of a real estate career tailored for mothers. Reach out to us at 79997444 or email us at

Real estate offers mothers an excellent opportunity to balance a fulfilling career with family responsibilities. With great flexibility, substantial earning potential, and comprehensive training, it's a career worth considering. And let's not forget, women are often considered the best real estate agents, thanks to their innate understanding of home and family needs.

Real Estate Career for Mothers

Are you a motivated and hard-working sales professional seeking to step into the dynamic and rewarding world of self-employed real estate sales? At RE/MAX Central, we are constantly on the lookout for driven individuals who are passionate about offering superior service to customers during what may be the most important transaction of their lives – buying or selling a property.

Be in business for yourself but not by yourself!

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