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Skills required to be a real estate agent

Not everyone considers becoming a real estate agent as their ideal career path. It demands specific skills, some of which are listed below. While other essential attributes are also worth considering, it's important to note that no one is born a real estate agent. However, with the right mindset, our educational programs can teach any willing candidate how to become a successful and profitable real estate agent in a reasonably short time.

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Becoming An Agent: Inner_about

Honesty and Integrity

A truthful and transparent real estate agent is essential. Considering that both the buyer and seller are engaged in one of their most significant transactions to date, it is crucial to prioritize honesty. Clients are unlikely to cooperate with an agent who lacks integrity.

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Time management is a crucial skill for real estate agents. Without a proactive time management plan, their productivity can be seriously affected due to the multitude of tasks they have to handle. At RE/MAX Central, we provide practical, on-the-job education to our agents, helping them learn how to effectively utilize their time for maximum profitability.

Self discipline

Self-discipline is a vital skill required to be a real estate agent. As they operate on a self-employed basis, our associated agents have the freedom to manage their own schedules. While our managers/mentors provide consistent follow-ups on real estate sales, how agents utilize their time constructively is entirely up to them. A successful real estate agent understands the importance of daily commitment to achieve success in selling real estate.

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Becoming An Agent: Service
Becoming An Agent: Service


An agent's car is one of their primary tools. Keeping it clean and tidy is essential, and while it doesn't have to be a luxury car, a dirty and poorly maintained vehicle won't help the agent make sales. What's required is an economical car that is clean and in good working order, ensuring a positive impression on clients and aiding the selling process.

Selling skills

Undoubtedly, selling is one of the crucial skills required to be a real estate agent. While some individuals may naturally possess persuasive abilities, we firmly believe that being knowledgeable about the real estate business contributes significantly to long-term success. At RE/MAX, we provide a unique opportunity with our online university, where associates can learn from the best real estate trainers and coaches worldwide. This allows our agents to enhance their expertise and excel in their careers.

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Spoken Maltese and written English

While the Maltese people are often bilingual, they tend to be more comfortable using their mother tongue when negotiating the sale of their property. As a result, we have observed that associates who do not have a command of the Maltese language are at a significant disadvantage and face challenges in earning a decent income. Being proficient in the local language is crucial for establishing better connections and success in the real estate market in Malta.

Computer and tools

Indeed, having a grasp of IT is becoming increasingly important in various trades, including the real estate industry. Today, IT skills are a necessity for a real estate agent. It's no longer just about sending emails; an associate must comprehend concepts like cloud data storage, social networking, and more. Utilizing a smartphone is no longer optional in our line of business. Clients expect constant connectivity, and online leads cannot wait until tomorrow. A significant portion (80-90%) of new business starts online, and the ability to respond swiftly is critical. Failing to do so might result in losing potential clients to other agents. Being tech-savvy is integral to success in the modern real estate market.

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