Skills required to be a real estate agent

Becoming a real estate agent is not everybody’s ideal career path. There are certain skills required to be a real estate agent many of which are outlined below.  Of course there are other important attributes to consider and we have included them also. We do emphasize however that no one was born a real estate agent. With the correct mindset our educational programs will teach any willing candidate how to be a successful and profitable real estate agent in a reasonably short time.

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Honesty and Integrity

In today’s online world a real estate agent cannot afford not to be honest and transparent. One has to keep in mind that both buyer and seller will be involved in what is probably their most significant transaction to date.  They no doubt will not willing work with an agent who is dishonest.

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Managing one’s time is one of the skills required to be a real estate agent.  There is much to do and without a proactive time management plan, real estate agents find that their production is seriously curtailed.  At RE/MAX Central we educate our agents in a practical, on the job manner on how best to use their time for maximum profitability.

Self discipline

An important skills required to be a real estate agent is Self Discipline.  Due to a self employed status our associated agents are ultimately free to work or play.  Our managers/mentors follow up consistently with our real estate sale and letting associates however, whether their time is being used constructively or not is entirely in their hands.  A successful real estate agent will learn to do daily what it takes to win at selling real estate.

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An agent’s car is one of his primary tools.  Above all else, it needs to be kept clean and tidy, it does not have to be a luxury car.  However a dirty, poorly maintained car that needs to be pushed to start with clients inside it, will not help the agent sell.  What is needed is an economical car that is clean and in good working order.

Selling skills

Selling is of course one of the more important skills required to be a real estate agent. We are also of the opinion that we are not born ‘sales people’. Yes some people do seem to have a gift of the gab, however we firmly believe that an associate who does know his business stands far more chance of a long term success. At RE/MAX we have the unique opportunity of having an on line university where we are able to learn, from the best real estate trainers and coaches from around the world.

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Spoken Maltese and written English

Although the Maltese people are often bi-lingual, when negotiating on the sale of their property, they are more at ease using their mother tongue.  Over time, we have found that associates that do not have a command of the Maltese language are at a grave disadvantage and find it much harder to earn a decent income.

Computer and tools

Having a grasp of IT is becoming more and more important to any trade, this is also the case in the real estate industry.  Today IT is one of the skills required to be a real estate agent.  It is not only a case of being able to send an email, an associate has to comprehend concepts such as cloud computing, social networking etc. Using a smart phone in our line of business is no longer an option. Clients expect you to be always connected and an on line lead can no longer wait till tomorrow.  80-90% of our new business starts on line and you need to be in a position to respond fast or you risk  the client moving on to deal with another agent.

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