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Daily tasks for Real Estate Agents

Well of course the end result is to sell property however few understand the work that is done behind the scenes. There are of course many variations to methods involved in getting the job done but some basic principals would be common to most successful agents.  Here we review the daily tasks for real estate agents.

On a normal day an agent is at the office by 9  am. This is a good time to find colleagues and managers that the agent may need to communicate with as during the rest of the day, everyone has his own schedule and is likely only to be available by appointment.

A number of daily tasks for real estate agents are done in the office.  Many agents will frequently complete office based tasks in the evenings in winter and in the hot early afternoons in the summer.  Office tasks for real estate agents involve searching for properties for buyers, listing homes that come on the market and generally work the phones.

Agents set their own appointments and are therefore free to set up their day/week as they see fit. Some agents like to be out and about most of the time whilst others come and go throughout the day.

One thing that is integral for the success of any agent is the number of properties that they ‘pre-view’ on their own.  Successful agents know that once they are sat in front of a buyer or seller their property knowledge is the difference between success and failure.  Finding that great home that is going to sell soon is an important part of their daily routine.

Agents will meet buyers at the office, on site or meet and show a string of properties to serious buyers.  They will pre-view properties for specific buyers and discuss them with their clients.

A good portion of an agent’s work is dealing with sellers. Understanding their motivation to sell and in turn helping them understand what it will take to get the property sold.

Lead generation – Although the agency looks after the actual advertising utilising a well oiled marketing machine that supplies a constant supply of leads, it is up to the agent to choose the right properties to advertise. This will depend on which areas and types the agent has most saleable inventory.

Agents also spend a healthy amount of time prospecting for new business, this is definitely a daily task for real estate agents as it is imperative to ensure that the sales pipeline is always topped up.

Prospecting involves speaking to people who may be able to contribute towards the agent’s business.  With the use of social networking this task has become simpler although still time consuming.

Training and education – With an on-line university available at the finger tips of each and every associate, at RE/MAX training is high on the list of priorities. Top agents habitually schedule half an hour to an hour a day to enhance their skills by watching real estate specific training videos or participating in international webinars that are made available to RE/MAX associates worldwide. 


Moreover, frequent seminars conducted by the region incorporating specialised trainers are available locally and many agents avail themselves of this facility.

Once a buyer has found a suitable home, the real fun begins, with negotiations which the agent handles between the buyer and the seller reaching a frenzy.  Both parties have their own agenda and it is the job of the agent together with the branch manager to ensure that the process is smooth and opportunities are not lost for both the buyer and the seller.  If the job is done right and the parties are in agreement then a preliminary agreement will be signed and the agent is happy.

The job is of course not yet done and the agent has to facilitate between buyer, seller, notary, architect, banks and more to ensure that any and all conditions specified in the preliminary agreement are met in a timely and positive manner. Once this is completed then the parties will proceed to contract and the agent will be remunerated handsomely for all his or her hard work.

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