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Combatting Humidity and Rising Damp in Maltese Houses | "Rising Damp Solutions Malta

In Malta, where the architecture is as rich in history as the culture itself, homeowners often face the challenge of humidity and rising damp. These issues not only compromise the integrity of buildings but also affect living conditions. This article explores various proven methods to combat these common problems in Maltese houses.

Understanding the Issue

The porous nature of traditional Maltese stone, coupled with the island's climate, predisposes many buildings to issues of humidity and rising damp. Over time, this can lead to structural damage and health problems due to mould and mildew.

Rising Damp Solutions Malta

Innovative "Rising Damp Solutions Malta" for Traditional and Modern Homes

One of the most innovative solutions to tackle rising damp is the Aquapol device. This non-invasive technology, which doesn’t require electricity, creates a magnetic field that redirects moisture from the walls back into the ground. Its efficacy is backed by its widespread application in various Maltese properties, including historical buildings.

Dehumidifiers also play a crucial role in managing indoor humidity. By extracting water from the air, these devices can significantly improve the indoor environment, making spaces more comfortable and safeguarding against moisture-related damage.

Traditional Wisdom: Letting Houses Breathe

Interestingly, the solution to humidity issues may lie in ancient practices. The Romans used a material called 'deffun', a combination of local limestone and pozzolanic additives, to create a breathable yet water-tight mortar. This method, lost over time, has shown to be effective in allowing moisture to escape, thereby reducing the risk of dampness.

Rising Damp Solutions Malta

Practical Steps for Homeowners

  • Aeration: Regularly opening windows and ensuring that ventilation shafts are unobstructed can help reduce indoor humidity.

  • Extractor Fans: Particularly in kitchens and bathrooms, extractor fans can expel humid air, maintaining a drier indoor atmosphere.

  • Dry Clothing Outdoors: Avoid drying clothes indoors, as this increases indoor humidity.

  • Use of Plants: Certain plants can absorb excess moisture from the air, naturally reducing indoor humidity levels.

Advanced Measures: Insulation and Waterproofing

For those constructing new buildings or refurbishing existing ones, choosing the right insulation and waterproofing materials is crucial. Modern solutions like Marmox boards offer an effective barrier against rising damp while maintaining the structural integrity of the walls.

Tackling humidity and rising damp in Maltese houses requires a blend of modern technology, traditional wisdom, and practical measures. Homeowners should consider these strategies to preserve the unique charm of Maltese properties while ensuring comfortable and healthy living environments.

For those in the real estate industry, understanding these issues and their solutions can be a significant advantage. If you're looking to expand your knowledge or explore career opportunities in this field, visit for more information and resources.

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