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The 10 am appointment will cost you one real estate transaction every year.

Most real estate agents start their work day at 9 am, unless they have a 10 am appointment!!

The nature of the role dictates that real estate agents set their own schedule, they set their own appointments, set aside time for office work, customer follow-ups, marketing etc.

So when an agent takes a 10 am as his or her first appointment, generally that is when the work day will start causing the loss of an hour’s work. If one has the great habit of starting the day from the office, natural behavior tends to dictate that it’s not viable to get to the office then leave in time for the 10 am. So in reality what actually happens in most cases is that one stays home and in many cases, lingers. No big deal if it happens once in awhile but 2 or 3 times a week converts into 13 to 20 lost work days a year and that is now a big deal.


Either absolutely refuse 10 am appointments


Commit to to setting a 9 am appointment on any day that you have scheduled a 10 am appointment.

13 to 20 days solid work a year should translate into anther transaction for most agents who have yet to accept this truth.

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