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RE/MAX Hosts 60 Minutes Recruitment Event

During this event, potential real estate agents were invited to listen to short talks by experienced RE/MAX management and chat with RE/MAX existing agents to enable them to find out for themselves if they were a good fit for the industry.

The event was opened by Jeff Buttigieg, RE/MAX Malta CEO who gave a short introduction into the history of the franchise. Mark Ellul, an international coach gave an overview of the extensive training and coaching provided by the region. James Busuttil, franchise owner of Central Attard and Birkirkara spoke about key elements of success in real estate whilst Kevin Buttigieg, chairman of RE/MAX Malta spoke of how he started in this industry 30 years ago and what it took to reach his current position in the industry.

Refreshments were served shortly after allowing interested candidates to mingle and chat with existing RE/MAX personnel.

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