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Why on earth would you want to become an estate agent?

What no salary? No not for me! Well we hear that a lot, we hear it from people who need the security of a pay cheque at the end of each month to feel secure. It’s an understandable feeling, particularly if you have been brought up in a family where the breadwinner is an employee. However, we are not all wired in that way, some of us would not dream of getting a pay cheque for the same amount each and every month.

For those of us with an entrepreneurial tendency the last thing that we want is to be told what we are worth by somebody else. We thrive on knowing that the sky's the limit even if to others it means feast or famine. We need to know that we are being remunerated in direct proportion to our abilities and skills. You may say “What about job security” and our answer would be that we make our own by learning and gaining experience which we can use for our own benefit. Besides, we believe that having an employer with the power to terminate our employment because he may no longer need us is not our idea of job security at all.

Those of us who feel this way have a few options, if we have the capital and all the necessary skills we can create a business from scratch. In this business we are the sales person, the negotiator, the book keeper, the marketeer and so much more. Another option is to associate ourselves with a big brand real estate agency such as RE/MAX. In this way we still have our own business for ourselves but it’s not by ourselves. At RE/MAX we have at our disposal a myriad of tools tailor made for our business.

For example marketing. We get a ready made big brand to use as our own, when we present a business card (which lest we forget is paid for by the office) to a customer, everyone knows that the renowned RE/MAX balloon is associated with the most productive real estate agency in Malta. That Logo has many millions of Euros invested in it’s marketing worldwide and it alone opens doors wide for us.

Everybody has to advertise but not only is our advertising paid for, it is prepared for us by the office. From social media platforms to for sale signs and banners, everything is prepared for us as we need it.

When starting a new business, there is a lot to learn and education is expensive. All of us receive training at the RE/MAX Academy starting with the Accelerator Program at the onset and continuing throughout with refreshers and even an on demand online international real estate university. All at no extra cost.

As associates we do not pay rent, a desk and computer are made available for free complete with secretarial and front desk services. Offices are fully equipped, cleaned and maintained by the franchise company.

We are provided with a mentor who is also the branch manager. This mentor is involved in guiding us on a daily basis, assists in our negotiations and hands out great advice liberally. Team Mentors are solely remunerated in direct proportion to our success and therefore have a direct interest in our performance.

As self employed persons we are not expected to be at the office at any particular time unless it’s a team meeting. Our day may start with an appointment or in the office and that is entirely up to us. Nobody is measuring the number of hours that we are working so we can start early or late as the business requires, it is entirely up to us and to how much we want to earn.

So what is expected of us by the franchise? Well above all else, that we offer a brand standard of service to all our customers. That we are knowledgeable in our field and that we are honest. That we dress to the brand code and that our performance is in excess of the minimum performance standard that is acceptable to the franchise that is providing us the service and covering our costs.

So to answer the question “Why on earth would you want to become an estate agent?”, it’s because we want to control the level of our earnings ourselves, we want to be able to work harder and reap the benefits of our hard work and expertise ourselves. We want to be in business for ourselves but not by ourselves.

If this idea is hitting all the right notes. If you love the fact that you can start your own business, right now, without huge financial outlays, but with all the benefits - then grab your phone and call us on 79997444 NOW.

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