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SME - Small Medium Enterprise

If you are a small business owner then you know how difficult it is to stay afloat and make a healthy profit. Costs are always spiralling upwards and you never seem to have enough capital.

I understand your predicament as back in the nineties I too was the owner of an SME. I remember my well laid plans turning to dust as unexpected costs kept rearing their nasty head and reaching even my most conservative sales projections proved difficult.

My saving grace came when an old school friend of mine rolled up the street in his shiny new Mercedes. I was naturally interested in what he was doing as at the time I could not have contemplated replacing the rims on that car given my business concerns. After the pleasantries were done and dusted I inevitably asked "What are you doing these days?" and his answer was "Real Estate Agent".

After a long chat I found out that as an estate agent, his costs were negligible, he carried not a penny in stocks and only needed banks to deposit his cheques. Needless to say my interest was piqued. He set me up with the agency with which he was associated and after an easy informal chat I found that successful real estate agents sought out business as opposed to waiting for it to come to them. Sure they advertised but that represented only a small part of it.

The commission splits where in my opinion healthy given that the agency bore pretty much all of the costs themselves. An agent earns between €3,500 and €4,500 for selling a €200,000 property and the operating costs for the agent are very low when compared to running an SME.

Within a few short weeks I had become a real estate agent and have since never looked back. Over the years, with hard work, determination and the unparalleled support system that is available at RE/MAX I grew my real estate business to include multiple franchises. Could it be that this is your solution too?

If you are struggling with an SME, come and build your new business at RE/MAX where you too will find a system designed to help you grow and succeed. With us you can build a business for yourself but not by yourself.

Call me on 79997444 or email me on

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