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Parent returning to work?

You put your career on hold to raise your children. Now that they are older and settled in school you would love to return to work. You consider yourself a smart, capable parent but the prospect of returning to a 9 to 5 job fills you with concerns.

Although your child is regularly attending school, you know you still get phone calls from school to pick him / her up as your child is running a fever. Half days, mid-term breaks and staff meetings mean that even if your boss understood the commitments of a parent, you would use your entire leave in the first scholastic term.

You are probably getting frustrated. There is only so much cleaning, so many coffees and so much shopping that you can do before that gets so boring. You are itching to do something rewarding. Something fulfilling and exciting but have no idea what this can be.

Have you ever considered a career in Real Estate ? Becoming a Real Estate Agent gives you the freedom to work around your commitments, taking appointments and going in to the office at times that suit you. A Real Estate Agent has the benefits of having a flexible work schedule and the ability to earn substantial amounts.

Sound interesting, right ? But I know nothing about sales, I hear you think. Where do I even start from? These, and other doubts can be easily put to rest. As long as you have transport and a willingness to learn, at RE/MAX Central, you will be trained in every aspect of the job. Even after your training is completed, you will have a dedicated support structure to guide and assist you in this highly satisfying career. This is the beauty of being a RE/MAX Real Estate Agent, you are in business for yourself BUT not by yourself. Being surrounded by a highly experienced and motivated support network gives you the assurance that you never have to feel that you are stumbling in the dark.

In the following articles, we shall be covering the skills that you honed whilst you were busy raising your child. Skills that you may not even be aware of but which are the foundations of making a fantastic and successful Real Estate Agent.

If your interest is already piqued by the idea, then please contact us now on or call 79997444.

If you are wondering what skills you have sharpened over the years raising your child and how these could possibly be put to good use to earn serious cash, then keep reading.


You have felt every cut and bruise that your child acquired as if they happened to you. You have been concerned about how your child will adapt at school, if they will make friends, if they like their teachers. This is called Empathy.

How does Empathy make me a great Real Estate Agent ?

In order to successfully close a sale, a Real Estate Agent has to understand and feel the needs, concerns and fears felt by both the seller and the buyer. Being a parent puts you in the unique position of being able to understand and FEEL the concerns experienced by both parties and thus work proactively to allay these fears to reach a place where both the seller and the buyer are happy with the deal.


Do you remember when your child was a baby and you would fit an endless

list of chores around their nap times ? How your mind we be constantly ticking off a mental to-do list ? From feeding the cat, to putting a load in the machine to putting dinner on the table, you managed to somehow do it all in one hour bursts.

As your child grew, you would plan grocery shopping trips around their catechism and football, ballet and swimming lessons.

Having mastered the art of time management means that you are now capable of planning a productive work schedule with ease. You inherently know how to set time aside for office work and how to plan viewing appointments. Having spent so many hours on the road, you know instinctively how long it will take you to get from A to B. This means that you can be very efficient in your work day, working within the limits of your various commitments of parenthood.


Hold on, did you really just read that ? In what way does being a homemaker lend itself to a successful career in Real Estate ?

It is BECAUSE of the years you spent looking after your own home that you are now eminently qualified to guide buyers in the purchase of their home. You understand the needs and desires of home buyers because you have experienced them yourself. Being a parent and a homemaker means that you understand the requirements of a home, and can help buyers to find the perfect fit for them.

Interested? then please contact us now on or call 79997444.

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