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Mother returning to work?

For a Mother, returning back into the workforce can be a daunting endeavour. One is competing with young, technologically savvy candidates who are able to work regular hours without the distraction of housekeeping and raising growing children. Mothers feel they have a primary responsibility to their families and most work environments do not allow for ferrying of children to and fro, staying home when they are ill and the multitude of responsibilities that rest on a Mother's shoulders.

What mums need is a flexible work environment which allows the Mother to set her own schedule. Few careers are as flexible and rewarding in so many ways as real estate. Real estate agents are not tied to any shifts or office hours, the workload and scheduling is set up by the agent and is only tied to customer’s time schedules. Time spent in the office is minimal by design and much of the fruitful work is accomplished on the phone or out of the office. This allows the agent to alternate between work appointments, personal or family tasks and errands at will.

In a typical day an agent will spend a few hours in the office collecting information and setting up appointments with customers and then out and about showing homes, meeting people and handling calls. This can all be done to fit around the needs of the mother, thus making this an extremely flexible career choice.

What skills are required to become a real estate agent?

At RE/MAX Central we provide a complete and comprehensive training program in all aspects of property and real estate transactions. These are spread over a 15 half day sessions and are compulsory for all candidates, especially those that are new to the industry.

The course also covers soft skills such as customer care and selling skills but it must be said, that having some flair for sales and customer relations is most definitely an advantage. At the very least the desire to sell and the willingness to initiate a business relationship with people whom you don’t yet know is a must. More about this topic may be found here.

What does one need to start a real estate career?

There are very few items that an agent must bring with her.

>Smart phone with a decent camera with a monthly plan that includes data

>Drivers licence

>Your own vehicle

>A suitable wardrobe

>Electronic Measuring tool

>Clean police conduct

It is also imperative that one is fluent in Maltese. Speaking English is an added bonus.

When I am stuck, can I bring my child to the office?

We are more than happy to have your child join you whilst you are doing your office work so long as he or she is not a major distraction to other agents and customers who may be in the office at the time.

How is a real estate agent remunerated?

Remuneration is based on performance with an uncapped, very lucrative service fee structure. The better your performance, the higher your rewards. Typically mothers who are associated to RE/MAX Central earn anywhere between €25,000 and €70,000 annually. Some mothers who have exceptional selling skills and dedicate an average of 7-8 hours a day to their careers have been earning over €100,000 annually consistently.

What must one do to learn more about starting a real estate career?

First of all we should meet, we can tell you so much more about the pros and cons of being a real estate agent. You may call us on 79997444 or email us at

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