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Take a Pic!

The archaic system of the open listing system still heavily utilised in Malta forces estate agents to cut corners and have a do it yourself attitude when listing a property.

Good property photographs have always been the Achilles heel of many an estate agent. Let's face it, not everybody has a good eye for photography and even then, property photos require an eye for capturing reality in terms of the space that is available for sale.

At RE/MAX Central under the guidance of our inhouse home stager and property photographer Fiona Caruana Carabez we frequently host Property Photography Refreshers for our agents. Our aim is to assist them in always improving the quality of their property pictures to always improve the quality of their listings.

Fiona's vast experience obtained from the hundreds of properties that she has professionally staged and photographed enables her to pass on the team the most important tips and skills that she has compiled.

One of the tips that she shares is the importance of clearly communicating with the home owner prior to the appointment what is actually going to happen during the listing. Primarily that the whole home is going to be thoroughly photographed and that any day to day clutter is going to be published on multiple websites and social media. All the stuff that they would normally clear away when they have guests will now be seen by their friends, neighbours and .... the mother in law!


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